Bad Car Loan? Here Is The Solution!

Buying a car on credit does feel lighter, but are you sure your finances will be stable until the credit process is complete? You might believe it, but what might happen in the next few years no one can find out.

It may be that before you complete car loan payments, there are disasters that make your financial situation difficult and out of control, such as losing your job. In such circumstances, let alone pay off the remaining car loan installments, to meet daily needs you might feel very burdened.

Then what should be done? Here are some solutions that might help you be free from repayment problems.


1. Restructuring

loan Restructuring

What is restructuring? As the name suggests, restructuring is a rearrangement. So, you as a consumer can rebuild a credit system that was previously approved. The amendment is related to the payment term, interest rates, and facilities.

With the restructuring, you can ask creditors to reduce interest rates so that payments are lighter. In addition to lower costs, the credit period can also be extended in order to reduce total installments per month. So, you can more easily complete credit with a lower installment fee.

However, it should be noted that the restructuring only applies to certain people, namely those who really have financial problems so unable to pay interest on loans and compulsory principal.

In addition, the state of your business or work must be good enough so that the repayment process after the restructuring is complete can continue smoothly and there are no obstacles. As a consumer asking for help, of course you also have to be cooperative by running the updated system properly.

Don’t be afraid to explain your financial difficulties in detail and be honest with the Bank because later they will help you. If the Bank knows the ins and outs of the problem you are experiencing, then it will be easier for them to find the right solution.


2. Submitting Refinancing

If the restructuring method is less effective and not in line with your really difficult economic situation, you can apply for refinancing or start a new loan. Unlike the previous system, this time you will really start all over again. So your repayments will be recalculated to be made lighter and smaller.

In addition, you will also get funds worth 80 percent of the price of your car on the market at that time. You can use these funds to start a business so that your financial returns stable.

Thus, you can be free from the large opportunities that can put you on the Bank Indonesia blacklist as one of the consumers who are unable to pay off credit to completion.

It seems like this method is like adding your debt, but you still benefit from smaller credit installments right? So this system is really profitable huh? Not completely true.

There are some disadvantages such as interest rates that could be greater and the administrative costs that must be paid to take care of the filing of the refinancing. In addition, you also need to be sure and consistent to keep paying the installments regularly. If not, you can be charged double the new and old credit penalties.


3. Doing Over Credit

Over Credit

You might really be at a dead end because you feel unable to pay off your car payments even with the two methods above. If so, then the last thing you can do is over credit.

This method is not an effective way to profit from selling a car because the state of the car which is still under credit installments makes the selling price of the car certainly cheaper.

So, your main priority right now is not to make a profit, but to find someone who wants to buy and continue the car loan installments. That way, you can use the money from car sales to make ends meet and find solutions to get out of your financial problems.


Don’t Car Loans If You Are Not Able to Pay Installments


If you don’t want this kind of problem to happen in your life, all you have to do is avoid buying a car on credit if you are not sure you can afford it.

Don’t let your financial condition fall apart just because you want to own a car without taking into account your future situation.

Car Buy Credit

Buy and finance your first car. Buying your first car is not only incredibly exciting, but also very tricky. The car loan is exclusively for the purchase of a vehicle. What is the smartest way to finance the new car? For the car buyer, it’s worth more than ever: cash, leasing or credit.

Car loan calculator for Germany – how to pay for your car

Car loan calculator for Germany - how to pay for your car

With a small car or a used car it is possible to pay the new car from the cash register. We need a loan. But which of the many banks should you find a loan for? With the car loan calculator you can clarify this important question. With regard to the method of financing, many future Austrian citizens doubt whether a car loan or a leasing transaction is the best solution.

Whoever drives the newest vehicles and does not own a car for more than four years on average, car leasing is a good alternative. After expiry of the lease, the driver can choose to buy the car or to buy or rent a new car. Those who keep the car with certainty should better decide to finance it with a car loan.

Installment leads to the purchase of a more expensive car.

Installment leads to the purchase of a more expensive car.

But even if you can easily deduct the monthly installments from your salary, you must remember that a car with more horsepower or a larger price range is also more expensive to maintain. Therefore, you should not only include the monthly repayment installment including interest, but also the operating costs in your financing concept.

The easiest and most convenient way is to take out the loan at the time of purchase. Numerous car dealers give their customers a vehicle loan in cooperation with their bank. However, as an acquirer, you are not forced to opt for this loan. The external financial institutions can finance even better. The loan calculator gives you within a few minutes an exact overview and a comparison of the current car loan offers in Germany.

If you have this information in mind, you have much better maps when you talk about the finances of a car dealer. If you choose your lender, you should also consider online credits. As with all loans, it is important not to be cheated by real “special offers”. Even if the interest rates are low, they are often subject to negative conditions or other costs, so that the advantageous bid is quickly put into perspective.

What options do the car loans offer me? The conditions for a car loan can be very different depending on the bank, which is why a comparison with a credit calculator is to be preferred. So you can get a loan that is tailored to your needs. For example, you can specify the maturities, the loan amount, or the maximum amount of monthly installments, and get suitable loan offers that you can compare.

In this way, you can choose the optimal loan for your dream car.

Buy Car on Credit – Instant Loan Online

Long was saved, much was omitted. When the big day came, the whole family proudly went to the dealership to pick up the good part. Car buying and borrowing or even leasing is always a very individual matter for the self-employed. At the end of the lease, the driver can decide whether to buy the car or to buy or lease a new car. Anyone who is sure he wants to keep the vehicle should opt for financing with a car loan.

What do you have experience with buying a car in installments? I still have my reservations about that.

What do you have experience with buying a car in installments? I still have my reservations about that.

In my opinion, it is always the means of decision if you do not have the means to buy the car “liquid”, the repayment term corresponds to the expected “life expectancy” of the car and the interest on the loan is not too high. The only downer is perhaps that it is cheaper to complete a comprehensive insurance when lending.

With most car finance loans, interest rates are not as high, so the extra price you pay over the years is relatively low. However, we did not use the installment offer of the seller, but took out a loan from a house bank. In this way, you can negotiate the discount with the seller and usually have cheaper interest rates than with the seller.

After all, it is always more expensive than putting the cash on the tables, because of course you have to pay the default interest. But if you really drive a car that you can no longer afford, has no choice. But I would take the loan at the house bank and then use the discount at the dealer.

Auto Finance Is it worthwhile to buy a car on credit?

Auto Finance Is it worthwhile to buy a car on credit?

Most of them pay for their new vehicle in cash, most of them pay – and often expire in supposedly advantageous conditions. According to a recent Aral study, 56% of all vehicles – whether new cars or used cars – are financed by loans. “Never before have there been so few payers in the trade as in the past year,” affirmed the head of SF Financial Services AG, Anton Bandschmann, at the presentation of the annual results.

In 2003, the cash payer share was still 64 percentage points. In total, nearly 80 percent of them are secured either financially or through leasing, only a quarter in cash. Although the low interest rate phase dampens the view of savers on their portfolio, but the debtors are happy. Lower interest rates make car financing increasingly interesting. This is ensured above all by the automobile banks.

For example, Mercedes-Benz banks are now financing every second Daimler vehicle, and the competitors of SF Banks or SF Banks have little cause for alarm. The contract volume of automobile banks rose by 2 percentage points to USD 90 billion last year – even though the overall market fell by 4 percentage points. For the banks, playing is comparatively easy at the moment.

Although they often make above-average interest payments, investors currently receive 1.4 percentage points of interest at Bank.

Car Financing Online – Instant Loan Online

The online calculator for financing, the free calculator for the interest and financial calculation, regardless of manufacturer. You are looking for a cheap car financing, because you want to buy a fancy new car or a practical used car? Balloon loans offer a different way of car financing. With our online Vario financing offers, you can secure unique special conditions for selected models. Due to our many years of experience as an online broker of new cars and our high order volume we offer our customers attractive conditions, also for the financing of your dream car.

Vehicle financing via the web

Car financing via the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. In times of technology, the financial loan is increasingly supplanted by the bank. The credit from the net makes it possible to get a variety of bids. Of course, the applicant only has to decide for it. Car financing via the network can be obtained from a direct bank. They often have no branches and only give their loans via the intranet.

They can calculate with favorable interest rates if they decide for such a financing of their car. Car financing via the network is thus still very variable. He can select the desired house bank and pronounce himself for a suitable bid. Those who want to take a car finance over the net, must prove a revenue and have the credit bureau checked. Second

On the basis of salary and personal details, the house bank can think about car financing. If she agrees, the county show will be examined. If the revenue is not high enough, the lack of creditworthiness must be restored through a guarantee. This allows the borrower to conclude a loan agreement even if the income is low.

Car financing from a direct bank

Car financing from a direct bank

Who has a bad line and therefore does not get car financing from a direct bank, can trigger you. Car financing via the network is mainly taken over by consumers who fail with banks. She is not tested. Only those who have a net salary of 1150/1600 USD with a credit of 3500 USD and 5000 USD are eligible to apply.

However, if the borrower chooses the $ 7500 loan, a net gain of $ 1,800 will be made. The application must be made online. Car financing via the Internet comes from private individuals. Here, the Shufa is not tested. These must prove that they are solvent enough to pay the car finance.

However, it would also be possible for two people to complete a car finance. Two wages offer the lender a double assurance that he will get his capital back. Often the return is based on income and collateral when you earn it. However, the customer himself can decide in which period he wants to repay the loan.

However, there is a large bandwidth for auto financing via the network. In the case of a car loan with a high loan amount, an unscheduled repayment should always be taken into account. In this way, an annual supplemental rate can be used to cheapen the loan.

Auto finance interest rates – instant loan online


With the car finance calculator, you can compare different financing scenarios in terms of the total cost of buying a car. Cheap interest rates make car finance more attractive. Financing by the dealer often offers favorable interest rates, while financing from an external lender can negotiate a higher discount on the list price of the vehicle. Used car dealers often advertise at relatively low interest rates. You are looking for a cheap car financing, because you want to buy a fancy new car or a practical used car?

Online calculator for financing

Online calculator for financing

The online calculators simplify the planning and comparison of different financing options such as installment loans or leasing transactions when it comes to a new car. For annuity loans (ie interest and repayment together at a constant rate), the loan calculator calculates either the repayment rate, the maturity, the interest rate, the remaining debt, the loan amount or any deductible final installment. In addition, the annual percentage is calculated and a detailed repayment schedule is created.

The repayment calculation determines the repayment installment, the repayment period, the remaining debt or the loan amount for repayment loans (ie interest and repayment are to be paid separately) and provides a detailed repayment plan with calculation of loan interest and effective interest. Mortgage calculation is suitable for more complicated mortgage loan (annuity loan) calculations and generates a more detailed repayment plan, which also includes special repayments and optional follow-up financing.

With the loan calculator, you can calculate the interest on a loan with partial payment, repayment deferral, rate change, individual special repayment and interest rate change daily and calculate an exact repayment plan. It is suitable for annuity loans as well as for repayable loans with flexible repayments. The leasing device determines the leasing rates and is generally applicable to car leasing and other leased items.

Annual interest rate

Annual interest rate

The examples show how you can use the annual interest rate effective interest calculator. In the examples, you can see how to calculate a installment loan with the loan calculator for annuity loans. Frequently asked questions and answers for determining annuity loans with the bond calculator. In the examples, the calculations for determining repayment loans with separate interest and repayment installments are shown using the amortization calculator.

The examples show how you use the car financing calculator to calculate and compare different types of auto financing. The examples introduce the different leasing options and demonstrate how to use the leasing calculator. The examples show how you can use the planning calculator to pay interest on the planning.

In the examples, the determination of the maximum purchase price for a home purchase using own funds, monthly income and loans is shown. The examples compare the purchase and rental of self-occupied residential properties. The examples illustrate how to calculate a home savings contract with accumulation phase, including state subsidies through housing premiums and employee savings bonus, and a repayment phase. In the examples, the credit calculation with the mortgage calculator with many additional options such as discount, repayment deferral, special repayment and follow-up financing is presented.

In the examples, the calculation of capital repayment principal repayments is presented as a repayment substitute and the resulting potential financial benefit over annuity credit. In the examples, the determination of loans and the generation of an exact repayment plan with partial payment, repayment deferral and individual unscheduled repayments are presented.

Mortgage credit: New alternative allows AFP funds to be used to raise the initial installment – Loans

One of the most difficult parts to acquire a home is to raise the initial fee. This is because it must represent at least 10% of the value of the property, which often escapes the amount saved by the anxious buyers.

It means that the value of the home can be 150 thousand soles

It means that the value of the home can be 150 thousand soles

This is the story of many, so Congress passed a Bill that will allow AFP members to have a percentage of their funds to use as the initial fee. They may use a quarter, that is, 25%. For example, if you managed to contribute 60 thousand soles, you can use 15 thousand (25%) as the initial quota for a home. And since the minimum initial fee is 10%. 

It is time to change bad habits and start caring for the car, starting with driving. But you should not forget that your car will never be 100% careful unless you have insurance that will help you in case of any emergency. If you are thinking of hiring one, first compare them all to avoid over-spending.

This alternative can be used at any age

This alternative can be used at any age

But of course it will not be appropriate if a consistent contribution to the AFP has not been made. In addition, you should be aware that this withdrawal will significantly reduce the pension you will receive when you have retired. Remember also that it is advisable not to give an initial fee of less than 20% and finally, that when comparing the available mortgage loans, you ensure that you get the best possible option.

Although many criticize that this benefit takes away the purpose of the AFPs, which is to secure income after retirement, for a large part of the population it represents the possibility of fulfilling the dream of their own home. What does it represent for you?


In doubt about credit costs?

If you have taken out a loan or are considering taking out a loan, you have almost certainly come across the term “credit costs”.

It is a very relevant trick when talking about loans and it is actually no matter what type of loan it is.

Whether you choose to take out a mortgage, consumer loan or bank loan, you will encounter the term.

It is therefore extremely important that you understand what it means if you are considering borrowing.


What are Credit Costs?

credit problem

You may have heard the term OPOP ? The APR stands for “annual costs as a percentage” and is a percentage of the total loan. It is an interest rate that indicates what your cost of the loan is, expressed as a percentage.

The same goes for credit costs, but this is expressed in a specific amount in kroner and penny.

So that’s just the amount that is behind the percentage in the OPP.


What are the costs of credit?

What are the costs of credit?

Credit costs include all the costs of taking out a loan. In fact, there are only two overhead costs, namely:

  • interest
  • fees

Unless this is a mortgage, where there are also contributions.



Interest is what you continuously pay to be allowed to borrow money from a lender (bank, finance company, mortgage institution and the like).

Interest rates are calculated in many different ways. You may come across terms such as nominal interest rate, debit rate and face value .

If you are confused about all the different interest rates, we recommend that you read our blog posts “Doubting interest rates? Here is the ultimate guide ”


As well as with interest, fees are also found in many shadows.

However, fees are opposite to the interest rate, usually something you pay in connection with the creation of the loan. However, there may be ongoing fees, such as a payment fee or similar.

The fees associated with taking out a loan vary greatly depending on the type of loan.

In general, mortgages, whether mortgage or bank loans, are known for having high foundation costs. This is partly due to a registration tax to the state.

Examples of fees are:

  • Things Opening Fee
  • Loan Case Fee (Establishment Cost of a Mortgage Loan)
  • establishment fee
  • end fee

Car loan Switzerland – instant loan online

For foreigners with residence permits B, C and G, the credit requirements do not differ significantly from those for Swiss citizens. Regular income is a basic requirement for both foreigners and Swiss citizens. Get your balance for cross-border commuters in Switzerland with just a few clicks! You live in Germany, Liechtenstein, France or Italy and work in Switzerland? Do you have projects, but you need financial support to get them? Car loan “Calculate now for free and without obligation your interest rates with the car loan comparison for Switzerland Online.

Unlike the leasing business, you are the owner of the vehicle.

Unlike the leasing business, you are the owner of the vehicle.

Unlike leasing, you are the owner of the vehicle. Your advantage: You receive a favorable interest rate and fixed monthly installments. With the car loan also repair costs and accessories can be paid. Your monthly rental price depends on the price of the vehicle, the down payments made, the exchange, the duration, the mileage and the replacement value. They are the owner of the vehicle compared to the leasing business.

You can cover as many kilometers driven as you want, there is no maintenance and also the comprehensive insurance is not mandatory. This has the big advantage that you can pay off your vehicle in monthly installments and have not paid off the entire purchase price at once.

Various advantages of car loans to the leasing business

Various advantages of car loans to the leasing business

The car is one of the biggest purchases. However, if the necessary financial resources for the immediate payment of the car fail, only financial support is possible. There are basically two ways to get a new car: leasing and car loan. Leases are carried out by the producer or by the importers and often entice with low rates.

Car loans are given by many banks and financial institutions. Although interest rates seem somewhat elevated at first glance, the effective spending on most car-drivers is significantly lower. Below is a brief overview of the possibilities of a car loan. You can request a car loan from us and then use the money in your pocket to find the best conditions for car dealers.

Often you can make cheap deals with the cash payment through the car loan and join in the short term. You are economically dependent on the car dealer and can limit yourself to looking for the right vehicle at the best rate. If you finance your vehicle with a loan, you become the owner of your vehicle, it is your property.

This is not the case with the rental. The rental car is the property of the house bank for the entire duration of the contract. You only have the right to use it for a certain period of time and for certain kilometers. You get offspring, need your own car for material transport at the new location, move into a city apartment without parking space, learn a life partner with a car but only one car knows, goes abroad for a year or gets a company car.

In all these and similar circumstances, the leasing business is suddenly very expensive because you are charged a premature termination of the lease with a high fee and unfavorable residual value requirements. With a car loan you are prepared for such changes. The car is at your disposal and you can sell it at any time and pay off the amount for free and early.

Apart from the great mobility of the car loan, it is often cheaper than the leasing alternative. For example, a comprehensive insurance such as that required for leasing is not required. You can take out cheaper partial comprehensive insurance or just a car liability insurance, which can save you a lot of money every day.

With a car loan, you can easily buy a “new” used car, often with a valid manufacturer’s warranty, so you do not have to bear the impairment cost yourself. Ultimately, auto loan interest rates are much cheaper than leasing rates from a tax point of view. Interest on car loans is deductible from the taxable profit and thereby reduce your taxes. With a car loan you can keep your vehicle costs very low.

You remain mobile and meaningful to many people, the vehicle is 100% yours. For more information about loans and leasing, see our weblog on this topic.

This week’s savings tips: Cheap gasoline prices

This is the first blog post in the new series that we call Week Savings Tips. It’s simply a nice little savings tip that can save you a lot or a little less money and you get a new tip every week ahead. Today I thought to raise gasoline prices because the price of gasoline is now very high. You can save a fortune just by refueling.

There are two main aspects of saving money when you buy gasoline

There are two main aspects of saving money when you buy gasoline

The first is that you choose to refuel with a gas station that has a little cheaper gasoline in general and the second is that you can try to time your refueling so that you fill the tank when the gasoline is a little cheaper and then endure when it is more expensive.

Refuel the correct petrol station

Refuel the correct petrol station

Finding cheap gasoline is not easy. But you can actually save some money by refueling in the right place. Prices differ slightly between petrol stations. The stations that have a manned shop usually have slightly higher prices because they also need to be able to afford to pay for staff and shop etc. You can check the page Gasoline and see how much gasoline costs at different stations in your vicinity. You can save around 50 cents per liter if you choose one of the slightly cheaper ones.

As an example, I have looked at Gothenburg. There you can today find gasoline that is the cheapest for SEK 13.59 – 13.62 / liter, while the most expensive petrol makers (and also the majority) take SEK 14.13 / liter. If you refuel many liters it will be a difference immediately and if you choose a cheaper petrol gas station every time there will be a lot of money saved for a year. You can also see in the comparison that just Jet has good prices over the law.

Time your refueling for cheaper gasoline

Time your refueling for cheaper gasoline

Trying to time your refueling so that you refuel just when the prices are a little lower is not easy. But you can do that if you think about it all the time. This is even better if you have many cars and refuel them all at once when you have the chance at better prices.

It’s kind of like grocery shopping. Buy lots at a time when you can buy cheap. If you take the opportunity to refuel fully when prices go down, then you have the opportunity to wait for the next price cut. If you find that the prices are even lower, you can take the opportunity to refuel even if you have half a tank left or more. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the price is good because you do not know if it is going up or down, but you have to judge from time to time. In the long run it usually gets right.