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With the car finance calculator, you can compare different financing scenarios in terms of the total cost of buying a car. Cheap interest rates make car finance more attractive. Financing by the dealer often offers favorable interest rates, while financing from an external lender can negotiate a higher discount on the list price of the vehicle. Used car dealers often advertise at relatively low interest rates. You are looking for a cheap car financing, because you want to buy a fancy new car or a practical used car?

Online calculator for financing

Online calculator for financing

The online calculators simplify the planning and comparison of different financing options such as installment loans or leasing transactions when it comes to a new car. For annuity loans (ie interest and repayment together at a constant rate), the loan calculator calculates either the repayment rate, the maturity, the interest rate, the remaining debt, the loan amount or any deductible final installment. In addition, the annual percentage is calculated and a detailed repayment schedule is created.

The repayment calculation determines the repayment installment, the repayment period, the remaining debt or the loan amount for repayment loans (ie interest and repayment are to be paid separately) and provides a detailed repayment plan with calculation of loan interest and effective interest. Mortgage calculation is suitable for more complicated mortgage loan (annuity loan) calculations and generates a more detailed repayment plan, which also includes special repayments and optional follow-up financing.

With the loan calculator, you can calculate the interest on a loan with partial payment, repayment deferral, rate change, individual special repayment and interest rate change daily and calculate an exact repayment plan. It is suitable for annuity loans as well as for repayable loans with flexible repayments. The leasing device determines the leasing rates and is generally applicable to car leasing and other leased items.

Annual interest rate

Annual interest rate

The examples show how you can use the annual interest rate effective interest calculator. In the examples, you can see how to calculate a installment loan with the loan calculator for annuity loans. Frequently asked questions and answers for determining annuity loans with the bond calculator. In the examples, the calculations for determining repayment loans with separate interest and repayment installments are shown using the amortization calculator.

The examples show how you use the car financing calculator to calculate and compare different types of auto financing. The examples introduce the different leasing options and demonstrate how to use the leasing calculator. The examples show how you can use the planning calculator to pay interest on the planning.

In the examples, the determination of the maximum purchase price for a home purchase using own funds, monthly income and loans is shown. The examples compare the purchase and rental of self-occupied residential properties. The examples illustrate how to calculate a home savings contract with accumulation phase, including state subsidies through housing premiums and employee savings bonus, and a repayment phase. In the examples, the credit calculation with the mortgage calculator with many additional options such as discount, repayment deferral, special repayment and follow-up financing is presented.

In the examples, the calculation of capital repayment principal repayments is presented as a repayment substitute and the resulting potential financial benefit over annuity credit. In the examples, the determination of loans and the generation of an exact repayment plan with partial payment, repayment deferral and individual unscheduled repayments are presented.

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