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Buy and finance your first car. Buying your first car is not only incredibly exciting, but also very tricky. The car loan is exclusively for the purchase of a vehicle. What is the smartest way to finance the new car? For the car buyer, it’s worth more than ever: cash, leasing or credit.

Car loan calculator for Germany – how to pay for your car

Car loan calculator for Germany - how to pay for your car

With a small car or a used car it is possible to pay the new car from the cash register. We need a loan. But which of the many banks should you find a loan for? With the car loan calculator you can clarify this important question. With regard to the method of financing, many future Austrian citizens doubt whether a car loan or a leasing transaction is the best solution.

Whoever drives the newest vehicles and does not own a car for more than four years on average, car leasing is a good alternative. After expiry of the lease, the driver can choose to buy the car or to buy or rent a new car. Those who keep the car with certainty should better decide to finance it with a car loan.

Installment leads to the purchase of a more expensive car.

Installment leads to the purchase of a more expensive car.

But even if you can easily deduct the monthly installments from your salary, you must remember that a car with more horsepower or a larger price range is also more expensive to maintain. Therefore, you should not only include the monthly repayment installment including interest, but also the operating costs in your financing concept.

The easiest and most convenient way is to take out the loan at the time of purchase. Numerous car dealers give their customers a vehicle loan in cooperation with their bank. However, as an acquirer, you are not forced to opt for this loan. The external financial institutions can finance even better. The loan calculator gives you within a few minutes an exact overview and a comparison of the current car loan offers in Germany.

If you have this information in mind, you have much better maps when you talk about the finances of a car dealer. If you choose your lender, you should also consider online credits. As with all loans, it is important not to be cheated by real “special offers”. Even if the interest rates are low, they are often subject to negative conditions or other costs, so that the advantageous bid is quickly put into perspective.

What options do the car loans offer me? The conditions for a car loan can be very different depending on the bank, which is why a comparison with a credit calculator is to be preferred. So you can get a loan that is tailored to your needs. For example, you can specify the maturities, the loan amount, or the maximum amount of monthly installments, and get suitable loan offers that you can compare.

In this way, you can choose the optimal loan for your dream car.

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